Which Online Lending Platform Sofi, Marcus or Avant Works with Borrowers who need more than 30k

Of the three lenders, only Sofi and Avant offer loans more than $30,000. Sofi offers a higher loan amount than Avant approving a loan amount of up to $100,000. The minimum loan amount that can be applied at Sofi is $5,000. Credit score is not the most important factor that will be taken into account […]

Can Credit Unions and Banks Offer Loans Online to Customers Who Live in Different States

In many situations, a credit union is only open to residents that live in a number of counties in the state or nearby states. You must first become a member of the credit union in order to get a loan. Relatives of the members can also be eligible for the loans. There are a number […]

How Can You Pay Your Taxes With A Personal Loan To Avoid Late Payment Penalties

Every year, many people in America don’t have enough cash in their bank accounts to pay for the tax when it comes to the time for them to make payment for their tax. The IRS can impose a number of penalties on you if you fail to make payment for the tax on time including […]

Credit Unions that Offer Personal Loans, What Questions Do You Need to Ask Up Front

Applying for a loan at a credit union is a serious decision because you will have to be committed in repaying it. It is wise to ask a lot of questions to find out as much as you need to know about the loan prior to applying. By asking questions, you will be able to […]

Which Option Offers the Best Rates Bank Installment Loans or Peer to Peer Loans

There are 3 main ways the interest rate of the P2P loan is set. In the first method, you can set the maximum interest rate you want to pay and let the lender decide whether they want to fund your loan. The borrower is likely to get an offer with a lower interest rate through […]

Tips For Financial Planning and Awareness in 2016 For Families

Once you have a family, your whole financial picture changes. Raising children is expensive, but with a little common sense, some solid planning, and goals in place for your children’s future, that’s one less worry about raising your children that you will have to have. After all, raising children is no easy task, so any […]

Key Differences Between Good and Bad Debt and Staying Financially Sound for 2016

Debt can be used to improve your life believe it or not. While this website often preaches about getting out of debt, debt is also part of life. My personal belief if that debt is a good thing, if the debt is good debt. Good debt is anything you to into debt because you needed […]

Great Credit Card Promotions For The Upcoming Holidays

This article was updated November of 2016, at that time broken links were replaced to help provide a better user experience. Do you travel often for business, are you searching for a great promotional card? Do you happen to use Delta Airlines when you do? Then the American Express Business Delta Gold offer might be […]